Lotus House

Lotus House is firstly a private family home. But it houses Golden Key Studio,

founded by Cavan McBreen in 2019

It is an Educational Centre for the study of Mystical Entertainment

Golden Key Studio hosts live performances of  mystical entertainment. The studio includes a 10 foot by eight foot stage and theatre seating for up to 50 people. 

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To find Lotus House easily, exit the NLEX Harbour Link Segment at the exit signposted "Parada." If you take a different exit because your Sat Nav knows better, good luck to you. You'll need it. From the Parada exit, proceed into Parada village and locate the 3S Parada Health Centre, Barangay Office and Barangay Police Station. All locals know where this is. The large 3S building is opposite a church. To the right of the church is Tandang Manang Street. Take this street down the long side of the basketball court.  Take the first right, after 200 feet. Take the next right after 90 feet. After 50 feet take the narrow track on your left between the houses. 4WD vehicles and all cars are okay. The track turns right and then enters the compound gate signed 322. Follow the road 500 feet until you locate Lotus House which is a large ivory-colored building. You cannot miss it.  There is ample car parking space. Please do not park on our nurtured plants.

Lotus House is a former family home of  Ms Degalia Pena PhD. Ms Pena was a learned academic who studied in the Philippines and at the University of Michigan, where she qualified as Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Science in Mathematics. Lotus House was the site of the Pena Educational Centre, an elementary school for local children. The head of the family was the accomplished  filipino jazz musician and composer Mr Angel Pena. Mr Pena played for the Philippines Philharmonic Orchestra and studied music in London and the United States. For many he was regarded as "The Father of Filipino Jazz." Numerous items of historical significance are in safe storage. This includes photographs, recordings, musical scores etc. This archive can be made available to a student of contemporary history of the Philippines. Please contact us if you wish to apply to use these items for an academic thesis.

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