Are you serious about a career in mystical entertainment? 

Cavan is currently designing 1-Day Courses for Initiates which will be hosted at Lotus House in Valenzuela City. Leave your contact details on our Contact page and Cavan will contact you when the time is right

Cavan designs his own shows with a unique approach to mystical entertainment. His courses help students develop their own approach. However he nominates the following as people whose life works have influenced him the most :

Daisaku Ikeda

J R Tolkien

Martin Gardner

Leonardo da Vinci

Arthur C Clarke

Richard Osterlind

George Harrison

Enid Blyton

Bob Cassidy

Arthur Conan Doyle

Russell Targ

James Clavell

Carl  Sagan

Hermann Hesse

Tina Turner

Stephen Hawking

Bernard Cornwell

Pamela Colman Smith